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Non-blasting and rocking process – water defaining cracking

Currently, blasting is still the most economical and fast way to break the rock, but during the blasting process, there may be a hazardous effect such as blasting vibration, blasting flying stone, and toxic gases. When these blasting hazards out of control, It may affect the surrounding environment, personnel or equipment around the blasting point. In recent years, as people’s self-protection awareness and environmental awareness, people are increasingly paying attention to blasting hazards, especially when blasting areas (constructive) is very close, in order to ensure the safety of surrounding buildings, reduce due to safety The dispute arising from blasting, some construction units do not use routine blasting methods, and tend to use non-burst-excavated rocking processes. These needs have also prompted people to study in-depth study of non-burst rocking methods. At present, the non-blast-breaking process has been developed with long development over many years. Compared with traditional blasting methods, the non-blasting method has the advantages of high security, low noise, no pollution.

Under normal circumstances, earthwork projects near the quarrying manufacturer residential community, for safety reasons, the stone part should not use blasting, and can only be carried out by non-explosive and pure mechanical operation. The following is a non-blasting stone construction scheme:

The soil of the earth and stone square field project has now been basically removed, and the remaining stone is part. According to the actual situation of the engineering stone, all kinds of mechanical arrangements are scheduled as follows:

1 high-power bulldozer, 1 excavator, 1 wrapping unit.

People Arrangement Plan: Two operators arranged for each machine. Shi Fang Construction Plan: High-power bulldozer to remove small block strong shale, spread the splitter of the large block and sandstone. The excavator works with high-power bulldozers and water-impedances. It is timely cleansing the stone and loaded by the blozen loosely scattered, in order to improve the efficiency of mechanical use, speed up the construction progress. Mechanical operation According to the design drawings and on-site requirements, the mechanical operation, from top to bottom, during the construction process, strict control is high, and do a good job in the field drainage.

Time Document: This Stone Construction Plan is carried out in accordance with the progress of the construction plan for earth and stone, and the expected construction period is 10 days. In order to ensure that the project is successfully completed during the planned period, you can increase the number of mechanical quantities and personnel to meet the needs of the construction period.

Safety Construction:

For safety inspections for various machinery before construction, mechanical techniques and safety technical training for various mechanical operators, and listen to the command of the management personnel and eliminate any violations.

Arranging professional command and management of safety within the construction range of mechanical construction, which is strictly forbidden to enter the site, which is strictly prohibited to close to the mechanical operation radius.